Rifle 101 / Introduction to ARs

This course is designed for those who are first time AR-15 owners who wish to develop basic competency with AR-15 specific firearm functions, weapon setup, zeroing, maintenance, and basic marksmanship. At the completion of this two hour class an individual with no prior background of AR-15 ownership will have successfully setup and zeroed their firearm and be prepared to safely utilize and maintain their weapon.  This is the perfect introduction for anyone that is serious about caring for, carrying and understanding your AR-15 from first time use to competent gun owner. Training is the key. This class is taught by both former and current law enforcement officers along with military veterans. All of which are certified NRA instructors

Topics Covered

  • Basic safety principles and range etiquette
  • Identifying & understanding AR-15 operations
  • Weapon selection and fitting
  • Gun Setup and Zeroing Procedures
  • Grip, trigger control & sight alignment drills
  • Malfunction clearing techniques
  • Principles of Marksmanship
  • Take home practice drills will be provided

Rental weapons, ear, and eye protection will be provided if needed. The student is responsible for their own ammunition (Ammo is available for purchase

Class Duration: 1 Hour

Tuition is $100 per student