Concealed Carry Permit Only

Successful completion of this 1.5 hour class meets the training requirement under Florida State Statute 790.06 to allow the certificate holder to apply for his or her Florida Concealed Carry Weapons License. Please be aware that you will be required to show competence with your weapon. It is not a shooting class.

  • This class does NOT prepare you to deploy a firearm in a defensive situation, it merely meets the requirements under Florida law. To prepare yourself CLICK HERE
  • We strongly suggest that if you do decide to carry that you seek supplemental training far in advance of the minimum standard required by law. If training were not vital, our military and law enforcement would have stopped training after the first box of ammunition. Prepare yourself to prevail
  • Students can bring their own weapons, unloaded and encased. For those that do not have weapons, they can be borrowed from our rental fleet at no additional cost.
  • Hearing protection and eye protection are required and can be supplied if needed.

Please be aware that this is not a shooting instruction course. If you cannot manipulate your firearm by loading, unloading, reloading, working the action and then placing 25 rounds into a target at 5 yards this is not the class for you.  We suggest that you look at “Intro to Concealed Carry” where firearm shooting instruction is provided and in conjunction with obtaining a CCW permit. This is a PERMIT ONLY CLASS. 

Course Duration: 1.5 Hours

Course Tuition is $75 per student