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Certified by major manufacturers.

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Cleaning Services

Disassemble, Clean & Inspect Simple Long Gun $45-$60
Disassemble, Clean & Inspect Complex Long Gun (A-5, M-12, 1897 & Win Levers, Etc.) $80-$125
Disassemble, Clean & Inspect Most Revolvers and Pistols $40-$65
O/U and SxS Shotguns $200 & Up
Neglected Black Powder Guns Price On Request
Cosmoline Treated Guns Price On Request


Install Most Aftermarket Trigger “Kits” $80.00
Install Sights In Existing Cuts $40-$65
Machine Slide For Aftermarket Sights Machine Rate
Install Most Aftermarket 1911 Parts $50-$75
Lower & Scallop Ejection Port 1911 $100.00
Complete Feed Tune-Up 1911 $150.00
Trigger/Action Job 1911 Style Pistols $80 & Up
Trigger/Action Job S&W Revolver $125.00
Trigger/Action Job Colt SAA and Clones $80 & Up
Bob Revolver Hammer $60-$80


Mount & Boresight Scope Simple $60-$80
Install Front or Mid-Rid Bead $25-$40
Fit New Sight in Existing Dovetail $25 & Up
Complex – Sadlak Etc $200.00


Trigger Job With Existing Parts $60-$125
Install & Set Up Aftermarket Trigger $60-$90
Sporterize Mauser or Springfield, New Bolt Handle, Drill & Tap, For Base Install, Low Safety (Includes 1pc Base & Safety) $375.00
Cut & Re-Crown Barrel $80.00
Thread & Install New Barrel Price On Request
Install Chamber & Crown Barrel Liner 22 LR Only $275.00
Remove Heavy Fouling or Lap Rough Bore $100 & Up
Cast Chamber to Determine Caliber $50.00
Threading Barrel for Suppressor $150.00

Stock & Woodwork

Prepare Broken Stock $50 & Up
Glass Bed Rifle Action-Simple $150.00
Pillar Bedding $200 & Up
Free Floating Barrel $40.00
Simple Bedding M-1 Garand $80.00
Install Sling Swivel Studs- Labor Only $60.00
Refinish-Utility Grade $125 & Up
Refinish- Unfilled Tru-Oil $200 & Up
Refinish- Best Grade Sealed, Filled, Hand Rubbed Oil $250 & Up

Muzzleloader, Antique, & Restoration

Remove Stuck Ball or Jag $60.00
Re-Harden Frizzen $50.00
Remove Breech Plug $50.00
Adjust Hammer Striker $40-$50
Stock Restoration, Replace Missing Inlays, Etc. Price On Request

Special Services

Formal Written Appraisal of Value $60.00
Historical Research, Establish Provenance If Possible Price On Request


We do not currently have cerakote services in-house but are partnered with a local provider, we can provide a price on request if desired. Please fill out our Armory Intake Form Sheet found above and below to receive a refined quote from our expert gunsmith and armorers for your repairs/modifications.

Armory Intake Form