Gunsmithing Services

Competent & affordable with fast turn around times on repairs. Certified by major manufacturers.

In-Store Same Day Service

While You Wait Repair $75
Assessment $20
Minimum $50

In-Store Cleaning

Subcompact $40
Compact $50
Full-Size $60
Rifle Rifle Cleaning $60
NFA Suppressor Cleaning $50

In-Store Installation

Install Grips/Accessories $30
Optics Red Dot Mounting $50
Scope Ring Mounting $60
Zeroing (plus ammo) $50
Ironsight Install or Adjustment $50
Laser Mount or Adjustment $25
Boresight $25

In-Depth Repairs/Installations

Please consult our certified Armorers, we will provide you a quote and an expected timeline based on our current workload.