Frogbones Training Group utilizes our indoor range to conduct training

Our Mission

Equip responsible armed citizens of all experience levels with practical, relevant, and transferable skills in a safe, ethical, and controlled environment.

Our Training

All of our courses are geared toward developing the first time shooter into a capable and safe gun owner and marksman. Our courses are a combination of classroom instruction, hands on exercises, and courses of fire on the range. We keep the instructor to student ratio small to ensure that our students have maximum opportunity to ask questions, participate in the process, and grow as a shooter.

Step by step guidance with classroom, training aid, and live fire instruction

Concealed Carry License

This course is designed for those with basic firearms functions, safe weapons handling, and basic marksmanship. Successful completion of this class meets the training requirement under Florida State Statute 790.06 to allow the certificate holder to apply for their Florida Concealed Carry Weapons License. This is a PERMIT ONLY CLASS.

Handgun 101

If you’re a first time gun owner or have never fired a weapon before this is the perfect starting point for you. Our instructors will take you on a deep dive through the aspects of how the handgun works, how to manipulate it, and how to fire it. This course is designed to set new shooters up for success with foundational handgun instruction.

Rifle 101

Designed for the average citizen with little or no formal training or experience this course dives deep into the operation and function of your rifle. No previous experience is necessary to attend this course. This is setup for a safe foundational introduction to handling your rifle safely and shooting accurately.

Be the best at the basics, safely learn the fundamentals with confidence

Concealed Carry Safety

Designed for individuals who have their concealed carry license but seek instruction and mentorship in carrying a concealed firearm safely and effectively. This course is a combination of classroom instruction, hands on exercises, and courses of fire on our indoor range focusing on drawing from a concealed posture.

Handgun 102

Designed for the average citizen that has obtained a basic level of proficiency and safety in handling their firearm, this course builds upon the foundations of Handgun 101 and progresses the student to work on drawing from a belt mounted holster (outside the waistband) with safety and skill.

Handgun 103

This course builds upon the foundations of Handgun 101 and Handgun 102 and progresses the student further by increasing complexity with various courses of fire while navigating through timed drills. Proficiency in Handgun 102 skills is required for attendance. 



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