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Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions are covered within our Armorer Services Agreement which is required to be agreed to, and signed prior to Armorers conducting any services. This includes the initial Investigation and Assessment. Please complete this at the link provided at the top and bottom of this page or CLICK HERE.

Service Fees

Investigation & Assessment: $20 Flat Rate
Armorer Labor for Cleaning, Repairs & Installations: $40 per hour
Expedited Services: Additional $40 per hour
Minimum Charge Per Gun: $50 plus any parts required


All Prices are Labor Estimates based on average completion times of work completed for the service type and do not include parts or accessories.

If parts and components are provided, the customer is only charged Labor Fees. If Cost Estimates are accepted and repairs are authorized, the Investigation and Assessment Service Fee will be counted in the overall Labor Fee for the Work Order.

If the services are not completed the Investigation and Assessment Fee will be charged at the completion of the Work Order and return of the firearm to the customer.

Step 1: Inquiry

  • Please consult the Cost Estimate Reference Guide HERE or email us at for any specific questions regarding your service request.
  • Please agree to and sign the Armorer Services Agreement located HERE.
  • Bring your weapon unloaded and stored in a case to the Armorer’s counter in our store. Please bring any parts or accessories you may have that you wish to have installed.

Step 2: Initial Estimate

  • Our Staff will provide you with an initial cost estimate based on your desired service (also located below). Please provide us with any desired time estimates you may require to have your work completed. We offer expedited services for an additional fee.
  • Upon agreement to the initial cost estimate, our staff will open or create your customer profile to begin your Work Order in our system. A valid phone number, email address, and credit card are required to be kept within your file to ensure optimal customer service. 
  • You will be required to agree to and sign our Armorer Services Agreement prior to our Armorers conducting any services to your firearm. This form is located on the Gunsmithing page on our website or CLICK HERE.
  • Once your customer profile is created we will create a Work Order for our Armorers. Our staff will provide you with this Work Order number for your future reference when inquiring about your firearm. 
  • You will be charged a non-refundable Investigation and Assessment service fee of $20, payable at the time you complete the Work Order. If you complete your Work Order with us, this will be factored into your overall cost with your Labor prorated to reflect this initial fee.

Step 3: Assessment

  • Our Armorers will perform an initial diagnostic and assessment of the issues listed within the Work Order and verify the actual price of the repairs or installations that may be required to achieve your request. 
  • Unless parts or accessories were provided our Armorers will source the required components from within the Frogbones inventory.
  • If upon further investigation our Armorers are unable to satisfy your request due to manufacturer warranty coverage, we will contact you with the warranty information and an outline on how to proceed with the warranty process.
  • If upon further investigation our Armorers are unable to satisfy your request for a non-warranty related shortfall, we will provide referral to Florida Gun Exchange for your request.
  • Our Armorers will contact you via phone/email with a refined assessment of your request, a cost estimate which will also reflect any costs associated with necessary parts to complete your request, and a refined lead time estimate based on current Work Order volume. We do offer expedited services for an additional fee.

Step 4: Approval & Repair

  • Your verbal or written approval of the cost and lead time estimates are required before our Armorers are authorized to proceed with completing your Work Order.
  • If you choose to not proceed or we are unable to proceed with your repair for a non-warranty shortfall you will need to come and pick up your firearm at your earliest availability. 
  • In the event the service you are requesting is covered by a manufacturer warranty your firearm will need to be shipped to the manufacturer’s facility to undergo servicing or repair. This process is largely out of control and prior to your firearm being shipped you will be required to provide acknowledgement of the terms and conditions surrounding warranty related repairs.

Stock & Woodwork

We are currently unable to repair or install any weapons requiring these services. For customers in our area we recommend:

Florida Gun Exchange

1050 S Nova Road
Ormond Beach, FL 32174
(386) 304-9499 extension 2

Hours of Operation*:
Monday – Friday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday: Closed
*Please verify their store hours

Step 5: Completion & Pick-up

  • Following your verbal or written approval of the cost and lead time estimates provided to you by our Staff in Step 4, our Armorers will perform the requested services and complete your Work Order. 
  • Upon completion of the Work Order you will be contacted via the phone number and/or email in your customer profile and notified of your Work Order’s completion with a request to process payment and retrieve your firearm at your earliest availability.
  • To complete your Work Order please proceed to the Armorer’s counter in our store with your Work Order reference number and notify our Staff that you have been notified of its completion. You are encouraged to inspect your firearm and if there are any questions or issues please ask for our Manager directly to assist you. Once complete, our Staff will process your transaction and return the firearm to your custody.

Warranty Covered Repairs

Many manufacturers offer warranties for their products, please consult your manufacturer provided case that was included during the purchase of your firearm for any specific details surrounding your warranty. Often, manufacturers require registration of the firearm with their warranty database. Please complete this prior to beginning your Work Order, or provide your warranty card upon intake to facilitate our Staff in assisting you in enrollment. Each warranty has specific stipulations regarding time since purchase and items covered, please refer to your manufacturer provided warranty information packet or the manufacturer’s website for specific details.

Upon shipment of your firearm to the manufacturer, Frogbones Family Shooting Center has little visibility on the status of your repair and no control on the speed in which it is completed and returned to our facility. Please be patient with our Staff who are assuredly doing everything in their power to assist you. To best serve you please send any inquiries surrounding your ongoing Warranty Covered Work Order to

Click Above to Agree to Our Armorer Terms of Service.