About Us

Frogbones Family Shooting Center is a retail, range, full service bar and grill with a private event space and classrooms.

Frogbones Family Shooting is a veteran owned and family run business located in Melbourne, Florida. Our logo and brand is more than just a catch phrase or slogan but instead defines our culture and who we are both as a business and as members of our greater community. We are dedicated to the Underwater Demolition Team members (UDT Frogmen) of the past and our fellow active duty SEALs of today that selflessly put themselves in harm’s way to ensure our way of life as Americans. It is because of their sacrifices and the sacrifices made by all of our service men and women, that we are free to worship as we wish, openly speak out and bear arms. We at Frogbones consider it a sacred trust to be advocates for both the Naval Special Warfare community and gun industry as a whole.

We are a veteran owned and family run small business located in Melbourne, Florida. Situated at the heart of Florida’s Space Coast we are fortunate enough to serve our innovative friends and neighbors, many of whom work as engineers and project managers within the defense industry. We pride ourselves on providing elite level customer service both in-store and online, preferring to build enduring relationships above single transactions. We strive to be your hometown gun store, regardless of where you rest your head.

Safety. Education. Family.

Our goal is to deliver the premier firearms experience in Central Florida. We are fortunate enough to help our families, friends, and neighbors enjoy safe firearms recreation. We create a family friendly environment that promotes safe, ethical, and responsible firearms use through superior customer service. We provide practical and transferable education to all levels of experience that is constantly refined to the highest standards of the industry. We pursue excellence in all aspects of our craft through individual professional development as gun industry professionals. We take pride as growth minded participants in our families and our local communities.

  • Range Prices. All must sign waiver before entering the range facility.
  • Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you with any questions you may have
  • Here to help you make your decisions and support whatever direction you want to go