FBTG Presents: Night Vision 101

Our Night Vision Fundamentals course focuses on gaining a fundamental understanding of night vision and enhancing individuals’ skill sets with rifles and pistols under Night Vision Goggles (NVGs).

The class begins with an exploration of the psychological benefits of employing NVGs. It then dives into industry standards for gear selection and setup. This class equips students with the tools needed to safely and effectively move and shoot, in low-light or no-light environments.

Students will engage in a “simple is good” approach, progressing through crawl, walk, run phases while mastering equipment utilization. By the end of the course, students will have advanced through various movement and live-fire shooting exercises, aiming to develop core competency with night vision goggles and lasers. Upon course completion, students will possess a clear understanding of performing in low-light environments.

NVG Rentals are available at no additional cost.

This course covers:

– Shooting fundamentals and safety

– Psychology of night operations with NVGs

– Kit selection and setups (helmet, NVGs, lasers/illuminators)

– Laser zeroing

– Passive vs. IR shooting

– Pistol shooting under NVGs

– Shooting positions

– Information processing and PID (Positive Identification)

– Efficient movement and body mechanics

– Primary and secondary weapon manipulation

– Gear considerations

– Malfunctions and reloading

– Utilizing cover and movement tactics

Price: $400.00 (includes Range and Rental Fees)

Time: 4 Hours

Ammunition: 50 rounds Pistol, 200 Rounds AR (not included)


This is not an entry-level shooting class. All participants are expected to be familiar with their handgun and rifle and know how to operate them safely. Completion of Handgun 102 and Rifle 102 courses or similar training from another company are significant prerequisites for this course. Any participants who cannot maintain safety standards will be removed from the class and will not receive a refund.