Hours of Operation & Business Information

404 S Harbor City Boulevard
Melbourne, FL 32901

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FrogBones Range & Retail:
Sunday/ Monday: 10am-7pm

Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-8pm

Double Tapp Grill:

Sunday/ Monday: 10am-7pm

Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-8pm

Holiday Hours & Scheduled Closures

Days We Are CLOSED:
-New Year’s Day

Days We Close EARLY:
-New Year’s Eve (10am-6pm)
-4th of July (10am-6pm)
-Christmas Eve (10am-4pm)

Black Friday Holiday Hours
-Thanksgiving CLOSED
Black Friday (8am-9pm)
-Saturday (8am-9pm)
-Sunday (9am-9pm)


Safety.  Education.  Family.

Our goal is to deliver the premier firearms experience in Central Florida. We are fortunate enough to help our families, friends, and neighbors enjoy safe firearms recreation. We create a family friendly environment that promotes safe, ethical, and responsible firearms use through superior customer service. We provide practical and transferable education to all levels of experience that is constantly refined to the highest standards of the industry. We pursue excellence in all aspects of our craft through individual professional development as gun industry professionals. We take pride as growth minded participants in our families and our local communities. 

Quality Service. Local Ingredients. Hometown Atmosphere. 

Provide a family friendly environment to deliver a unique veteran owned, family run dining experience to members of our community. Our foundations are built with integrity, equity, and honesty. Our food is made with high quality locally sourced products and our culinary attention to detail is unsurpassed in Brevard County. We are involved members of our community that collaborates with other local brands and organizations to provide added value to the experience of our neighbors beyond the walls of our establishment.


Live the Standard. Seek Innovation.

To be an industry and community leader. To make FrogBones Family Shooting Center an industry standard in the best practices for range and firearms retail operations. To be a reliable location where our customers can get an incredible meal and dining experience at an incredible price. To develop team members into industry innovators and leaders that outgrow their roles as sales, range, and restaurant staff. 


Respect.  Passion.  Heritage.

We are responsible, accountable, and respectful to each other and our customers. We go above and beyond the status quo to achieve superior results through passion, unparalleled work ethic, and attention to detail. We check our egos at the door and are the stewards to the public in advocacy for the Naval Special Warfare community and gun industry as a whole. Our integrity in providing food, alcohol, and service to our customers is beyond reproach. We maintain accountability of what a patron desires, how much they have been served, and ensure they have the best experience possible. We thrive in an evolving dynamic environment, and communicate as a team to hold each other accountable. We promote and encourage innovation, flexibility, and transparency in developing creative solutions to evolving problems. 

What You Allow In Your Presence Is Your Standard.