Indoor Steel with Jeff Cotto of Praetorian Group

We’re proud to offer this unique training experience and host Jeff Cotto of Praetorian Group International. He’ll be on hand to teach a highly dynamic and interactive handgun course, shooting steel targets indoors. Utilizing frangible ammunition you’ll work through a variety of drills and exercises to help take your skill sets to the next level.
Topics Covered
  • Moving and Shooting Drills
  • Target Transitions
  • Immediate Action Drills
  • Magazine Changes
  • Traditional & Non-traditional Shooting Positions & More
This course allows students to work through classroom instruction, hands-on exercises, and courses of fire on the range to develop confidence and proficiency while also increasing the feedback in their performance as they move through the various drills.
This is NOT a CCW course. The entirety of this instruction is taught from the OWB/Duty Belt posture in order to focus on building incremental proficiency in the fundamentals without the complexity of repeatedly deploying and re-holstering a pistol from a concealed garment.
Gear List
  • Eye Protection (Available for Rental)
  • Ear Protection (Available for Rental)
  • Pistol – Must Be Chambered in 9mm ONLY
  • Pistol Holster 
  • Magazines (2)
  • Belt Mounted Magazine Holder
  • 100 Rounds of Frangible 9mm Ammunition is included
Basic proficiency is required to attend this course. Students who fail to operate a firearm safely will be removed from the course and rescheduled for further training for the safety of themselves and fellow students. Students are highly encouraged to attend Handgun 101 or similar training prior to signing up for this course of instruction. All holsters and equipment are required to follow our range policies which can be found HERE.
Duration: 1.5 Hours
Course Tuition is $175 per student
*100 Rounds of Frangible 9mm Ammunition is included


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